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www.ristormarkt.net is your search engine dedicated to the sales of equipment for the gastronomy; all latest generation products with warranty.

From over 20 year we serve great food service

Ristormarkt designs, manufactures, distributes and assists a complete line of professional catering equipment. It has 450 employees in 24 countries, in Italy and abroad. Several established brands, concentrated in one group, are one of the world's largest companies in the field of the production and distribution of professional catering equipment to always offer ideas, projects, products and assistance to the customer.

Ristormarkt is a trademark of Virtus srl, a company that has chosen from the outset to satisfy a high-quality clientele who wanted and demanded a product and service of absolute excellence. The success of Virtus derives from the enthusiastic response of these qualified users who has clearly seen in our proposal a product that is distinctive and absolutely qualitative and has been able to recognize Virtus as a reality of excellence.

Catering Equipment

Our skilled and well-trained staff can understand the needs of the user and entrepreneur who needs to build a cooking facility and knows how to make the right answer to get the most from an investment in this area.

Virtus srl
via Settembrini 11/13
20020 Lainate (MI) Italy
tel. 029330991
P.iva 09603360968 - Capitale sociale € 210.000,00

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