Cutlery Dryer

Cutlery Polishers • Flatware drying-polishing machines for commercial use, cutlery polisher dries, polishes and eliminates spotting on silverware after washing. Economy: saving on personnel cost and quick investment pay-back. • Time-saving: hourly output of up to 8,000 pieces. • Hygienic: UVC-ray germicide lamp sterilises both the cutlery and the drying product. • Fully automatic. The cutlery polishers are stainless steel made and also have stainless steel drying tank. Rounded cutlery carousel, avoiding cutlery jams. Stainless steel insulating material coated cutlery carousel. • Machine-ready luminous and audible signal. • Luminous signal indicating if heating elements are activated or not. • Luminous signal indicating that the polishing product must be replaced. Probe-controlled polishing product temperature, which guarantees accuracy and quick reaction. Luminous signal indicating probe breaking. Polishing product drying cycle with automatic stop after using the machine. Included a luminous signal indicating that the UVC-ray germicide lamp must be replaced. UVC-ray lamp can be disconnected for all essential cleaning or servicing.

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  • Asciugabicchieri elettrico con 4 spazzole

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  • Asciugaposate da banco, 3000 pz/h

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  • Cutlery dryer, 5000pcs/h

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  • Cutlery dryer, tabletop, 2500pcs/h

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