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Gas Fryers A commercial gas deep fryer is perfect for any high-volume diner, cafeteria, or quick service restaurant. Floor fryers allow you to continuously prepare onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, and other fried foods. Some can be configured to have multiple fry pots, allowing you to simultaneously cook multiple foods at different temperatures without flavor transfer.Oil Filtration Machines Proper maintenance of the oil in your fryer is paramount to providing properly cooked deep fried food for you clientele. Keep your fryer clean and in working order with one of our electric-powered fryer oil filtration machines. These items are designed to filter and replace your oil, removing any sediment, carbon deposits, fatty acids, and other elements that can affect your fryer. Not only does this prolong the life span of your oil, but your fryer, as well.

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    Friggitrice a gas 1 vasca capacità 8 lt.

    gas fryer, tabletop, 8 litres

    Regular Price: €1,868.00

    Sale Price (valid only for online shopping) €747.20

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    Friggitrice a gas 2 vasche capacità 8+8 lt.

    gas fryer, tabletop, 8+8 litres

    Regular Price: €2,600.00

    Sale Price (valid only for online shopping) €1,092.00

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